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Rebuilding and restoring a piano takes time, patience and professional expertise. Usually, many of the strings, dowels, bridges & keys have to be replaced or repaired. Each & every component is important.


One piano I was asked to rebuild was a 1904 E. G. Harrington & Company upright.

The owners from Vermont moved to the Boston area and left the piano in a barn in Colchester. I was called to see if it could be fixed and kept in the family. It has very ornate wood designs on it and after examing it I told them it would take a lot of work.

After bringing it to my studio, I disassembled it, taking off the keys & cleaning the wood and replacing the ivories. I had to replace most of the felts on the action and fixed many of the broken parts.

I cleaned the cabinet and replaced the felts for it. I removed the "old" finish and stained it again. Then I had to reassemble the piano.

People can once again enjoy hearing this wonderful 1904 piano when it is played.

Feel free to call or email to discuss any repair issues you might be experiencing.

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